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Roman Jewels - We Buy and Sell Gold, Silver, Jewlery, Coins, Diamonds, Collections, Estates - Albany NY
1190 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203 - (518) 459-6331

Items We Buy

Roman Jewels - We buy gold Roman Jewels - We buy Jewelry Roman Jewels - We buy silver and platinum We buy gold - Roman Jewels

We buy gold, jewelry and coins. We evaluate each and every item individually so we can pay you the best price!! We never make you put your gold or valuables in an envelope and ship them out. We evaluate each item by the piece, Its not just scrap to us.

National news channels have uncovered the scams and how you get so much less money than bringing it to your local jeweler. Some of us locals have sent out spies and they pay less then half of what we pay.

You also can't trust the "Here today, Gone tomorrow" buyers that rent out hotel rooms or the jewelry party buyers that have 2 to 3 middle men and use your money to pay out commissions. 

Roman Jewels has been a full service jeweler for over 20 years in the city of Albany.